About the Institute

  • From the Desk of President

    There is no yardstick to measure a society’s growth other than making a qualitative assessment of its multidimensional…
  • About the Institute

    Details of institute: Ratulia Secondary Teachers’ Training Institute Established on : 13th Day of July,2005 Present Campus :…
  • Course

    Course applied:The Institute has applied to NCTE for 100 Graduates for Two year face to face Secondary Teacher…
  • Library

    Library:The Library of the Ratulia Secondary Teachers’ Training Institute is apride of the locality. The Library has its…
  • Laboratory

    Chemistry Laboratory:1.Test tube2.Test tube stand3.Bicker4.Flannel5.Pipette6.Retort7.Burnet8.Filter paper9.Stand10. Litmus Paper11. Methyl orange12. Phenopthlin13. Starch solution14. Iodine solution15. Potassium chromate solution16.…

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Ratulia Secondary Teachers' Training Institute

Address: Kanakpur, P.O: Naranda, Dist: Purba Medinipur, WB 721139

Tel: 03228 239720
Fax:03228 252172

E-Mail : rstti2016@yahoo.com